Therapy Excel and Rehabilitation.

Therapy Excel and Rehabilitation is an outpatient physical therapy facility.  Our goal at Therapy Excel and Rehab. is to help you move forward pain free.

Our Therapist are highly qualified board certified licensed physical therapist.  At Therapy Excel and Rehabilitation we do not use aides or techs for your services, so you get 100% attention from a professional licensed Physical Therapist.  Each Patient gets full one on one therapy session, so your concerns are heard.  Our Therapist are skilled in Manual Therapy, use evidence base therapy to help you alleviate pain and restore range of motion.

We provide services for all age group from 10 year old to 80 + years of age.  Whether your concerns are regarding frequent falls, balance deficit, arthritis pain, limited range of motion due to pain or unknown reason.  We provide free screening and free consultation, so don't suffer anymore and give us a call (734) 667-3768.


Balance photo